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We pride ourselves on having an excellent understanding of the SIP protocol and have spent many years understanding many different Open and Closed source platforms and creating solutions with work with both in tandem.
As Open Source advocates we have a strong preference for working with the main Open Source VoIP projects wherever possible and specialise in building and supporting products built around these products.


Data Cable Installation

OpenSIPs is a carrier grade piece of software utilised by many telecommunication companies and service providers around the world.

Proven to be highly available, extremely robust and offering outstanding performance it is often regarded as the number 1 solution alongside Kamailio when handling large call volumes.

We have many years of experience developing, deploying and managing OpenSIPs based solutions, are members of the OpenSIPS Foundation. We also have an excellent relationship with the source code creators and maintainers at


Wireless Access Point Installation

FreeSWITCH is a next generation telecoms switch, designed to handle everything from call center solutions, outbound calling systems to office based phone systems and even high volume SIP Trunking.

We have been working with FreeSWITCH for many years and have many deployments handling thousands of calls per day including lots of interesting and “leftfield” use cases, demonstrating how the flexibility of this software can help every business solve its own unique problems.


Satellite repair

Similar to OpenSIPS, Kamailio is another carrier-grade SIP router capable of fantastic reliability and performance.
As with OpenSIPS, we have experience in developing and maintaining many Kamailio based systems

Asterisk PBX

Wireless Access Point Installation

Asterisk is an Open Source implementation of a traditional PBX.
It is particularly useful if you specifically need to put together an office based phone system and have excellent voicemail handling capabilities.

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