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Our Clients

We work with many clients across the globe to help to design, build and support scalable and robust VoIP platforms.

We love to solve interesting and unusual challenges and enjoy the technical freedoms that the Open Source community provides when building interesting and unique products.

Some customers are highlighted below:

Client 2

ANI Networks

Established in 1989, ANI Networks is committed to providing world class service to over 400 CLEC, ILEC, Cable Providers, Hosted VoIP, Wireless and Switchless Reseller companies.

Client 3


Across Europe, iBrowse creates and manages international private WANs for large multinational companies with decentralised sites and needs for high quality communications with full redundancy in multiple countries.

Client 5

UK Altnets

We work with Altnets mainly in the UK to provide overlay telecommunications services to their next generation Fibre offerings.

Clients: Clients
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