We have a new Website!

As some of you may (or may not!) know, Sourcevox was partly created out of the opportunity we were given to talk at an earlier Astricon conference.

In response to that a website was very hastily put together which, in a very basic manner managed to list the services we offer and the products that we work with.

Notably(!) one of these services is not website design - the site certainly left a lot to be desired but it did the job at the time. We have also received a reasonably steady stream of work via the website over the years, so we thought that in time for Astricon 2017 we should give it a spruce up and a minor revamp, and this time hopefully it looks and feels a lot better.

One of the main problems with the old site was the inability to "blog" very easily. We have been tracking quite a lot of the developments taking place within Kamailio/FreeSWITCH/OpenSIPs and Asterisk in the past few years and often have been developing some very nice solutions for customers based on these.

It would have been nice to blog about them at the time, but the platform wasn't there.

We've also been privileged to speak at a number of OpenSIPs, Cluecon and Asterisk events and again a blog platform would have been useful to put more information about those talks up for all to see.

So please keep an eye out for hopefully some more useful technical posts and information about what we are getting up to.


Attending Astricon 2017

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