Problem Solving and Training Services

Using the latest tools such as Homer and our knowledge of SIP tracing and analysis we can help you to understand and troubleshoot your issues.

Collectively, we have decades of experience working at the highest levels and at the coal face of some of the largest businesses of their kind. With this experience comes the knowledge and benefits of both working with long established existing systems, and developing startup systems from scratch and learning from mistakes made along the way.

As a result we are great at problem solving and we are great at helping other developers solve problems.

We also understand that not everyone wants to hire a full time VoIP team, especially if you have your own developers in house.

So if you think you have a VoIP problem that needs solving, or your existing development team needs a hand with a specific problem then please get in touch.

Whether it is a simple SIP issue or something more technical involving NAT Traversal, back to back user agents and clever media tricks (and everything in between!) we will be glad to help you out.


(UK) +44-(0)303-666-5456

(USA) +1-646-503-1303