Localphone are a UK based VoIP service provider. They run a VoIP registration platform and also a prepaid platform allowing them to terminate PSTN calls on behalf of their customers. 


Voxbeam is a USA based carrier, specialising in high quality international interconnects. It is important for Voxbeam that they have a highly scalable and performant platform. For this reason they have a platform based across many continents, all working in tandem with each other.

Magic Telecom

Magic Telecom is a US Facilities based CLEC, who have unique requirements in order to route efficiently to NANPA based destinations within many jurisdictions. In addition to providing them with a NANPA aware routing platform, we also maintain and integrate with a number of PSTN based TDM switches.


(UK) +44-(0)303-666-5456

(USA) +1-646-503-1303